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Tulsa Bail Bond Questions Answered

Keeping Our Tulsa Bail Bond Clients Informed.

Tulsa Bail bonds are not too difficult to understand, but since most people have never had to use one before, it’s a good idea to get a quick rundown of the basics. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and need-to-know information regarding bail bonds.


What’s a Bail Bond?

The bail bond is the financial guarantee made by the defendant to appear in court for their trial.


What Does It Cost to Bail Someone Out of Jail?

All cases are different. The only way to determine exactly what the cost of bail will be through a bail bond company is to get in touch with one of the professionals at Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa, OK. We will help you understand what you need to do to get your friend or family member out of jail, and we’ll let you know what it will cost with cash discount or easy financing terms.


What’s the Difference Between The Bond Amount and Premium?

The bail bond amount refers to the total amount of the bail the court sets. The premium is the nonrefundable dollar amount the bail bond company will charge for their service to get the accused out of jail before their trial. In most cases, this is 10% of the bail amount. Thus, a $50,000 bail bond would require a $5,000 premium.

In Tulsa and surrounding counties, Signature Bail Bonds can reduce that fee by 20% or More! Call anytime to find out how. We look forward to answering your Tulsa bail bond questions and we want to be your bail bond company. Signature Bail Bonds,  918-592-5400


Big Savings on Tulsa Bail Bonds!

A More Welcoming Tulsa Bail Bond Agency

Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa understands the concerns that arise when you or a loved one are facing criminal charges. And we want to help. Call for Tulsa Bail Bonds 918-592-5400.

Our bail agents and staff are always available to answer any questions. We want to help you through this challenging time. It is our goal to help you understand the Tulsa Bail Bonds process. We always strive to deliver a genuine service with a friendly smile.


We’re Helping to Make Tulsa Bail Bonds More Reasonable

Our Bail Agency supports our nation’s right to reasonable bail. And we take it one step further… we promote even More Reasonable Bail with Cash Discounts for Tulsa Bail Bonds when paid at the time the defendant is released from custody. A bondsman can also work out payment arrangement to pay for the bond over time.


Financing for Tulsa Bail Bonds of Any Amount

We also offer payment plans for Tulsa Bail Bonds of any amount with affordable down payments. Our experienced and licensed Oklahoma bail agents are committed to answering all questions while helping to simplify the bail bonds process. At Signature Bail Bonds, there is always a bondsman standing by to help.


Simple, Low Down Payment Financing is now available throughout Oklahoma.

Signature Bail Bonds supports every citizen’s right to reasonable bail. That’s why we’re in business! We work hard everyday to help keep bail reasonable by offering payment plans for incarcerated individuals and their family. Call anytime, 918-592-5400.  A licensed bail agent is always available to assist you or your loved one.


Tulsa’s Truly “Interest-Free” Bail Bond Financing

It used to be that bail bonds were paid for in advance of a defendant being released from jail on bond. While the best way to obtain a bail bond is by paying up-front, financing bail bonds has become more common.

With many bail bond agencies, when you finance a bail bond, you may simply be getting a loan – a loan that comes with a high financing price tag. You’ll never pay a dime in interest at Signature Bail Bonds. Call today for Simple No Interest Bail Financing for Tulsa Bail Bonds 918-592-5400



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-Steven Fletcher, Owner/Agent


Reduced Tulsa Bail Bond Rates

Why Choose Signature for your Tulsa Bail Bond?
  • Big Cash Discounts. Save 20% or More!
  • Interest Free, Easy Finance Options
  • We want to help… & We can!


Tulsa Bail Bonds For Less

Tulsa’s Signature Bail Bonds offers big cash discounts for many bonds. For Tulsa Bail Bonds over $5,000, Signature Bail Bonds can save our client 20% or more compared to the typical bail premium. Call 918-592-5400 for Tulsa Bail Bond Rates.


Guaranteed Lowest Rate on Tulsa Bail Bonds

At Signature Bail Bonds, our goal is to provide great service at a reasonable fee. While many Tulsa Bail Bond agencies advertise the lowest rates, we guarantee our rates and our service.


Tulsa Property Bond Options

If you own real property in Tulsa County, you may be able to secure an appearance bond through the Court Clerk’s office without paying a commercial bail premium. If you are buying a home or own other property, we may be able to save you money or extend financing and lower your payment. For more information about property bonds in Tulsa County, call Signature Bail Bonds. We’re glad to answer any questions you may have and look forward to serving you. We want to help. (918) 592-5400


Easy Tulsa Bail Bond Financing

Need time to pay? Signature Bail Bonds offers financing for Tulsa Bail Bonds with 0% interest and low down payments. And always the Guaranteed Lowest Tulsa Bail Bond Rates!


Tulsa Bail Bond Rates

8% or Less on ALL Bonds $5,000 or greater.

*Cash discounts are given when bail premium is paid in full when bond is executed.