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Bail is not too difficult to explain. However, since most people in Tulsa have never had a need for a bail bond, it’s a good idea to get a quick rundown of the basics. When you need a bail bondsman in Tulsa or simply have questions, we want to help. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding bail bonds in Oklahoma:

What’s a Bail Bond?

 The bail bond is the financial guarantee made by the bail bond company, the defendant and cosigners to appear in court for scheduled hearings, trial or sentencing. Learn more

What Does It Cost to Get Someone Out of Jail?

  All cases are different. The best way to determine the exact cost is to get in touch with one our professionals at Signature Bail Bonds. One of our licensed Tulsa bondsmen will help you understand what you need to do to get your friend or family member out of jail. We will also let you know if your bond qualifies for a cash discount or easy financing terms. We want to help, fill out our bail application.  

What’s the Difference Between The Bond Amount and Premium?

 The bail bond amount refers to the total amount of the bail the court sets. The premium is the nonrefundable dollar amount the bail bond company will charge for their service to get the accused out of jail before their trial. In most cases, this is 10% of the bail amount. So normally a $50,000 bail bond would require a $5,000 premium. Learn more about how bail bonds work

How Can I Visit Someone at Tulsa County Jail?

 As of 2019, the Tulsa County Detention Center (David L. Moss) only allows in-person visitation by immediate family. The jail also require a visitor to first be approved by jail administration. Many people will find that visitation policies have made on-site visits impossible for some and tiresome for others. 

In-Person “Non Contact” Visitation Difficult At Best

For example, a spouse or parent can visit. But first, the spouse must complete the application process and present documentation supporting their relationship to the defendant. A spouse will need a marriage license. A parent will need a birth certificate! Seriously, the jail’s website lists the following as appropriate supporting documents: “birth certificates, marriage licences, guardianship paperwork or other legal documents.”

In-person visits are also limited to only one per week. If two family members would like to visit, remember, grandma always wins. 

Sidenote: It’s suggested to arrive 30 minutes early for your 15 MINUTE visit!

Video Visitation (With a Price)

A more convenient yet costly option is video visitation with your friend or family member incarcerated at David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center.

Video visitation at David L Moss is provide by homewav.com. 

More information can be found on the county jail’s website at: http://iic.tulsacounty.org/Home/Faqs

How Long Before Someone is Released After Posting Bail in Tulsa?

The Short Answers: 2-12 Hours. Average? Maybe 5 hours. Could it be longer than 12 hours? Yep. We’ve seen everything!

Release times vary between jails. Unfortunately, Tulsa is one of the slowest jail in the state! Slow release times are often justified by shear arrest volume. We would estimate that between 100-120 are brought into Tulsa County Jail each day. At the same time, 100-120 people are released from custody. That mean every 6 minutes someone is either coming or going. 

Other Factors That Can Delay Release Times:

  • Inmate Population Counts: Three times per day, all inmates inside the facility must be counted. For obvious reasons, the count must match the jails population report. Often times, balancing the count can take several hours. During an inmate population count, there are no releases or transfers within the jail. 
  • Court releases take precedent over an inmate released after posting a bail bond. We don’t fully understand the reasoning behind this rule. It has been said that “a judge’s order to release outweighs a bail bond”. Maybe so. 
  • The jail will also conduct NCIC warrant check for each inmate prior to release. This is just one little detail that slows down the release process. Sometimes inmates have warrants in other jurisdictions that must be addressed before they can be released from custody. If an out of county warrant is found, bad news! The inmate could be help for several days or more waiting to be picked up by the other county or state. 

Give Signature Bail Bonds a call if you have questions about release times. We may not be able to turn up the speed inside the jail but we can always work to be better prepared and answer questions from the outside.



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Skip Bail – Go To Jail

Bail bondsmen can prevent a bad situation from becoming worse. They may make it possible for a person to avoid spending time in jail. People who use them find their fees reasonable and are glad they were available. Contact Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa today and learn how they can help.

Clearing City of Tulsa Warrants

Our company wants to help everyone. We help defendants get out jail, stay out of jail and clear all types of warrants. Our staff can also answer nearly any question you have related to bail. A licensed bail agent should be able to let you know what to expect...

Can I Revoke a Bail Bond?

I've Bonded Someone Out. Can I Revoke the Bond? You bonded out a friend or family member but now you have serious doubts. Perhaps you have doubts that the defendant will show up for their appearances or you have even seen evidence that they are violating the terms of...

Do I Have to Put Up My House or Property To Make Bail?

For most people, cash bonds are out of reach as a way to get out of jail fast when arrested in the Tulsa Area. Instead, many choose between a surety bond (bail bond) and a property bond. In either case, you could put up your house for bail bond in Tulsa. You could...

Bail Bond Payment Plans in Tulsa

No one plans on getting arrested or having their loved one arrested. Sometimes, bail bond payments plans can help. Let us pay your bail giving you time to come up with the fee. Few are able to post the 100 percent of the required cash upfront, post a property bond...

How Are Bond Amounts Set

How are bond amounts set? Good question! Being arrested is always a stressful and frightening time. In addition to spending time behind bars, it can often be difficult to know how long you must stay in jail before being released. However, most people have a chance to...

Can I Leave the State While on Bond?

Your out of jail. But what's next? Can you get back to work? Maybe you have a move scheduled. Your employer has work for you out of state. Can you leave the state? Bail bond agreements can vary. Sometimes the court will place restrictions or requirements on a...

When Will Someone Be Released if They Don’t Post Bail?

Bail serves as a guarantee that a person arrested for a crime appears in court. Bail is granted for two reasons. One, it is generally unconstitutional to imprison someone who hasn't yet been convicted of a crime. Second, the state has a compelling interest...

When to Hire an Attorney

If you ever find yourself asking the question “do I need an attorney?” the answer is yes. As you probably already know, the reasons for hiring an attorney are numerous. Here are often some VERY IMPORTANT LEGAL MATTERS to think about.

Zero Down Bail Bonds

When money is short, it's good to know a bail bond company that offers zero down bail bonds. How Bail Works in Tulsa Unless you have quick access to cash or cash equivalent to pay the full bail amount upfront or are wiling to risk your property in a...

Can I Post A Bond For Myself?

Can I Post A Bond For Myself?You might be wondering if it’s possible to get yourself out of jail, and the answer is yes. Provided you can come up with the cash to self post. You will be allowed to get yourself out without an additional cosigner. However,...

What does it mean to cosign?

When someone you care about is arrested, the first thing on your mind is getting them out of jail. You may have been asked to cosign for your loved one’s bail. If so, you probably have questions such as • Whats a cosigner • Are you qualified to cosign •...

Pretrial Release and Personal Recognizance Bonds

How to Get a Personal Recognizance BondHow to get a personal recognizance bond or OR bond is one of the first questions asked when someone is arrested. One of the first concerns of anyone who has been arrested is bailing out of jail. When someone will be...

Clearing Oklahoma Child Support Warrants

At times a parent can get behind on their financial obligations to the other parent throughout a divorce, sole or joint custody case. If you are far behind, the State of Oklahoma will issue a warrant for your arrest. This will not be a warrant with a surety bond. A...

What if I Miss Court?

Missing court is never a "good thing". A judge doesn't request or suggest that you're present. Judges INSIST that you show up for all your court appearances. Remember, this is an appointment with a judge. They don't like it when you miss a court appearance. EVER!...

Bench Warrant Vs. Arrest Warrant

There are two types of warrants that can be issued through the court system. If you’re facing a warrant, you’re probably wondering what it means and what will happen to you. Understanding the type that was issued for you is the first step in getting the...

More About Tulsa Municipal Bail Bonds

Is your loved one is in a Tulsa city jail and in need of municipal bail bonds?What Are Municipal Bail Bonds?Municipal bail bonds are bail bonds that the municipal court issues for those arrested in Tulsa. Typical offenses for the municipal court include misdemeanor...

Don’t Jump Bail!

Bail Jumping and Running From Your Bondsman Getting out of jail with the help of a bondsman is like getting a second chance. You don't want to do anything to mess it up. Bail jumping will result in a bounty hunter on your tail. The district attorney will...

Oklahoma Bail Premium

How Do Bail Bondsmen Get Paid? Following an arrest for a crime, bail may be set. Bail is a monetary amount that serves as insurance that the defendant will appear in court. This is a one time fee to secure your release from jail. The amount of bail depends...

What Happens if a Defendant is Rearrested in Tulsa?

Rearrested While Out On Bond If you are rearrested while out on bond, some things may change with your case. Dealing with the court system doesn't have to be difficult. It is not always easy to know exactly what options you have available in regards to posting bail....
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