There is nothing more confusing than that critical moment when a family member or a friend is in jail. They will immediately need bail. In the panic to see them out of jail, sometimes people make quick and often imprudent decisions. Take your time. Selecting a wrong bail bond company can be very costly. You may end up spending more than necessary while your loved one continues to languish in jail. To help you make a good decision, here are three important questions you need to ask a bail bond guarantor near you:

1. Ask About Their Experience

The first thing you verify before settling for a bail bond company is to ensure that they are legally registered. Ask for their license. Dealing with an agency that is not authorized is a recipe for disaster. If the agency is in operation legally, find out whether it is a national or local organization. If you are resident of Tulsa, it would make sense to ask a Tulsa bondsman. They are in a better position to understand terms of bail bonds in their area.
Most importantly, ask about their experience. An experienced agency has a thorough understanding of the courts, the jails, and all ins and outs of the related institutions. Some companies specialize in particular of cases; therefore find out whether they are well knowledgeable in the type of case you are stuck up with. If you are located in Tulsa, remember to question about bail bonds in Tulsa and success rate of the bondsman in obtaining bail quickly. In this moment of need, there is nothing more satisfying as a bailing process that is smooth and expeditious.

2. Ask How Quickly They Will Post Bond

An experienced and well-organized agency should have a system for making sure the process goes as quickly as possible. However, be informed that a bondsman giving you an exact time frame for a defendant’s release is probably sweet talking you to close a deal. While these agencies can control when to get a portion of the release process complete, they have no control on the jail system. Jails operate on a safety first basis. Therefore Flow of people and processes are often slow and unpredictable at best.

3. Ask About Their Total Fee

While the law governs bond rates, different payment terms exist out there. Ask a bondsman how much their premium is – a reputable licensed agency will usually charge about 10%. Find out whether their premium (fee paid for posting the defendant’s bail bonds) will renew annually. Some companies will require you to pay annually should the defendant case go for a period longer than one year.
Whichever payment plan you opt for, be sure to ask about all the terms and conditions. How long will you have to pay off the balance? Will you need to pay interest or finance fee? Will you be charged late fees? SIGNATURE BAIL BONDS NEVER CHARGES A FINANCE FEE. 
These are the three questions to ALWAYS ask a bondsman. If you have any question about bail bonds in Tulsa, Contact a Signature Bail Bonds Agent. Your Signature Bail Bonds team has the experience and heart needed to help you.
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