Bail Jumping and Running From Your Bondsman

Getting out of jail with the help of a bondsman is like getting a second chance. You don’t want to do anything to mess it up. Bail jumping will result in a bounty hunter on your tail. The district attorney will also press bail jumping charges that often carry a mandatory minimum sentence. A warrant will be issued for your arrest, and no amount of running will make that go away. Running to another state will also increase the charges you will receive once captured.

Financial Ruin

When the bond was signed with the bondsman, a cosigner agreed to pay an amount of money so that you would be released from jail before your court date. Jumping bail means that the money that was paid is now gone. There is a chance that the entire bond amount will need to be paid if you jump bail. Bail jumping could also mean that the person loses property or a vehicle if collateral was used for the bond. Effectively, it hurts more than yourself. A surety company will file a lawsuit to recover damages as a result of your failure to appear.

Behind Bars

A consequence of skipping bail is that you’ll be behind bars once again. A bounty hunter can get your information from the bondsman which will be used to track you down. At times, your bondsman and bail enforcers can go to another state just to arrest you to bring you back to jail. There are times when you will face a civil lawsuit for breaching a contract when the bondsman files his suit.

This doesn’t have to be the case if you miss court. A bond can be reinstated if you miss a date. Call Signature Bail Bonds 918-592-5400 and let us help you.

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