Book In Book Out

So you get a phone call from a nosy relative or friend who decided to run your name through and saw that you had a warrant. Of course they are going to call you to try and show off their superb investigative skills. And all this does is make you panic because now you have a warrant and you don’t know what to do about it. You know you need to surrender and you’ll need a lawyer and your thoughts are racing. Well, that is where we come in.

The Surrender Process

OK, so to start you are going to need a cosigner. This is someone who knows you very well and provides insurance to the bonding company. Typically this person is a close family friend or relative. You will bring this person with you to the bail bond office.
There will be some paperwork to fill out. Make sure you both bring you ID with you and have all of your pertinent contact information. You will walk through a bail application, as well as a payment plan if one is necessary. Depending on the size of the bond, we can offer you a discount for paying in full. We also offer no interest bail bond financing if you need to set up a payment plan with us.
So now that we have finished all the paperwork we prepare your bond. We contact the courthouse and get a court date set for you. This helps when we go down to the jail for the book in book out process. When you have a bail bond in hand, they know you are getting right back out. Essentially you are just walking through the jail. A sheriff will serve you with your warrant, take your picture, get your finger prints, and then release you.

After The Walkthrough

At this point you will have cleared your warrant, but your obligation isn’t done. You will have to attend all scheduled court appearances as ordered by the judge. You will also need to retain your own private attorney. Our office keeps plenty of these references on hand if you need them. Stay in contact with your bondsman if you change your address or phone number, and keep them up to date on your next scheduled court appearance.
If you have anymore questions about the warrant surrender process, call our office at 918-592-5400. Or call 918-SIGNOUT. We are always standing by to help you.
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