Your out of jail. But what’s next? Can you get back to work? Maybe you have a move scheduled. Your employer has work for you out of state. Can you leave the state? Bail bond agreements can vary. Sometimes the court will place restrictions or requirements on a defendant. Also, for most bonds, a bail agency may require that you stay in the state. When in doubt, ask!

Although you may have received some basic information about being bailed out of jail, you may still have some essential questions. For example, you may wonder, “Can I leave the state while on bond?”. There are a number of issues that come into play when it comes to leaving the state while out on bond.

Terms and Conditions Established by the Court

When you were released on bond, you are subject to the terms and conditions of release established by the court. A standard condition mandated by a court is the requirement that the defendant remain in the jurisdiction.

Odds are that the court order granting your release on bond does require you to stay in the state while your case is pending. That does not mean you cannot obtain permission to leave the state. However, you must seek the court’s express permission to leave the state in order to do so lawfully.

Bail Bond Terms and Conditions

Even if the court grants you permission to leave the state, you also need to obtain permission from your bail bond professional. The terms of your bail bond are highly likely to require you to remain in the state, unless you obtain approval of the court and the bail bond professional. So, when you wonder, “Can I leave the state while on bond?”, find out. And remember, if you have any questions at all, please contact Signature Bail Bonds online or call 918-744-6688.

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