Hiring An Out Of Town Attorney

This is actually a question that we get asked a lot. Is hiring an out of town attorney a good idea? Some people feel like everyone in the court house rubs elbows and has drinks together on the weekends. You’re not wrong. In certain places, lawyers, judges and district attorneys are friends. And this may help your case. It may also hurt your case. The truth is, every case is different. Your particular circumstances are not the same as everyone elses, and you will not get the same result. But does the location of the lawyer really matter? Not so much.

What You Should Look For

In 2020, lawyers will travel all over the place for cases. The good ‘ol boy system you heard of, yeah that was 200 years ago. When you are looking for a lawyer on your case, you are going to want things like experience and communication. Does this lawyer have a history of winning trials? Do they specialize in criminal law? A good attorney will have tenacity. They will also be honest with you and let you know what your best options are. Where their office is located is less important.

Some Of The Best

Every town has its good lawyers and its bad ones. Some of the best lawyers you will find, are right under your nose. Yes, there are good ones in other places. You will notice a significant cost difference in their retainers as well. A local attorney that doesn’t have to travel as far to work on your case is not going to charge the same as that big name firm far away. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get the same quality of representation. Do not equate cost with quality.
It’s important to know that a bail bond company can NOT refer a specific attorney. As your looking for the right attorney for your case, remember that you’re in charge! Ask questions. Research case results and ask MORE questions, “Are you experienced in this area of defense?”, “Are you willing to truly work my case?”, “How many cases do you typically have on your plate?” Whether your attorney is a home-grown local or coming in from out-of-town, you always want someone that WORKS FOR YOU!
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