How Can I Get A Public Defender?

A public defender is a lawyer that the court assigns to your case when you are in jail. You may hire your own attorney if you wish even though you are incarcerated. If you bond out of jail however, the court may presume that you have the ability to hire your own lawyer. In order to get a public defender you must fill out paperwork, called a paupers affidavit, to show your inability to employ private counsel. If you want to apply for a public defender, you may do so in the public defenders office. At your next court date the judge will review the application and decide whether or not you qualify.

If I Bond Out, Can I Still Get A Public Defender?

Again, the State will assume that you can hire your own lawyer if you bond out of jail. This DOES NOT mean that you do not qualify for a public defender. What it does mean, is that you have to demonstrate that you do not have the means to hire your own lawyer.

Is It Based On Income?

Your ability to hire a lawyer is not necessarily based on how much money you make. Rather, your entire financial situation is considered. Your income, debts, savings, assets, bankruptcies, and other financial obligations all come into play when applying.

Are Public Defenders Any Good?

While the myth is that public defenders are not as good as private lawyers, this is not true. Public defense attorneys have the same degree as most every other lawyer out there. And due to their high case load, they have much more time practicing in front of a judge as well. It may actually be argued that public defenders are some of the best lawyers in the state.

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