Sometimes, the question comes up as to how long will someone be in jail if they do not pay bail. And while the answer to that question varies greatly from one situation to another, we can still give some general answers.

How Long Will Someone Be in Jail in Tulsa?

First, you will normally be in jail for not more than 24-72 hours waiting for court. If your arrest takes place on a weekend, you will likely have to wait until Monday for your arraignment. If Monday is a holiday, it could be yet another day. Arraignments on some serious felonies can be delayed more than 72 hours.
Once your initial 24 hours or more is up and you appear at your arraignment, a decision is made. You will know whether or not you must stay in jail waiting for your trial. The prosecution will argue that probable cause exists to indicate two things. First, they must demonstrate that a particular crime was committed. Second, they must also show that the defendant is likely the person who committed that crime.
If the judge feels the prosecution has met this burden, then he or she can hold you over in jail until your trial or let you go without bail on “own recognizance.”

When and How is Bail Set in Tulsa?

The judge can also set the bail based on the county standard bail schedule. They may also adjust it based on various factors. Some factors include the details of the alleged crime and the defendant’s past criminal record. The presiding judge can also refuse bail entirely. For extreme cases, the judge may deem a defendant a flight risk. This is often the case when murder or other crimes with severe punishment are charged or when the defendant has a history of fleeing justice.
Next, there will be a District Court Arraignment. That means the defendant must either wait in jail for the district judge or waive his or her right to the second, more formal arraignment and plead “guilty” as part of a plea bargain.
How long do cases last in Tulsa? That will vary greatly based on the nature of the allegations and the evidence involved. You could be in jail for days, weeks, or even months between waiting for trial and going through your trial. “How long do cases last in Tulsa?” is a question that can’t be answered ahead of time, and you can’t prepare very well for trial while sitting in jail anyway.

How Long Before I Get Out of Jail With a Bail Bond?

At Signature Bail Bonds, we have long experience with the inner workings of the court systems. We have experience in Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma. Our agents can prepare your bail bond in less than half an hour. It’s our goal to post bail the very moment you are booked.
At smaller jail facilities on “uncrowded” days, you could be bailed out in less than an hour. In larger facilities, it could easily take three or four hours, depending on how heavy a workload jail staff have and how early you call us to secure your bail bond.
If you go with the standard bail, jail officials can often process your bail-out without waiting for the judge and the bail hearing. That shortens the process. If you think the judge might give you a lower bail, you might want to wait for the hearing, but there is no guarantee.
To learn more about the process or to immediately get started on getting yourself of your loved one bailed out, call Signature Bail Bonds anytime 24/7 at 918-SIGNOUT or apply for a bail bond online.
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