What are my rights after being arrested?

The Miranda Warning is almost universally known. Miranda was a rapist who was arrested in 1963 and then confessed without having been told he could have a lawyer present or that he could remain silent. Eventually, his conviction was overturned because of the faulty arrest procedure. Since then, every arrested person has been apprised of these inmate rights. They include remaining silent, having a lawyer, and knowing the fact that anything said could be used by the prosecution.

In most states, you are also allowed to make a phone call as part of the jail booking. Usually, police will not allow you to use your cell phone for these calls. For this reason, it is a good idea to memorize one or two of the phone numbers you have so that you can call them if the police have taken your cell phone. Remember, the arrest procedure removes your right to privacy, unless you’re calling your lawyer.

Depending on the severity of the crime, inmate rights include being released on bail. If you cannot afford the amount of the bail, no inmate rights guarantee you the money. Signature Bail Bonds can help you. After you complete jail booking, you can call Signature Bail Bonds to help you get out until your court date.

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