How do you locate where someone is in jail?

The United States incarcerates more of it’s population per capita than any other nation on earth. At some point in their life time the average American will be arrested, or have to bail out a loved one.

Despite the frequency of arrests, few people know how to go about looking for a loved one once they’ve been put in jail. Searching for a loved one who may have become an inmate is often frustrating and difficult. If you’re in this situation, we hope the following article will help. Here are some of the most common ways a person might locate a friend or loved one who is imprisoned.

Internet Databases

Many state and local facilities operate online databases that list all new bookings as a matter of public record. The fastest way to search for a loved one in jail is to quickly look online. Many counties operate such a database.

Sometimes searching for your loved one’s first and last name combined with terms like “jail,” “inmate,” or “prison” will return the result you are looking for. Otherwise, you’ll have to try and find out if the county operates a public database like the one referenced above. Closed registries may require certain specific login credentials.

Over The Phone

Some jurisdictions, especially those in less developed areas, may not offer a convenient online inmate search. Or, your loved one may have already been booked but their information may not have been uploaded yet. If this is the case, calling the prison and simply asking is always an option. However, some jails will not give out this information over the phone. Hold times are frequently long and frustrating.

In Person

If you can’t find out about your loved on online or over the phone, you can always go to the prison in person and ask to speak to a booking officer. The booking officer should have some record of whether your loved one is being held inside. Or may be in the process of being booked. Be sure to bring at least one form of valid government identification as many jails have strict policies on who they will release information to.

Ultimately it can be difficult to locate an imprisoned person, but there are resources available to a determined person. One of the best resources for finding out how to locate your loved one is by calling Signature Bail Bonds at 918-592-5400.

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