Responsibilities When Cosigning on a Bail Bond.

During the course of a person’s normal daily routine, they could get a call from a close friend or family member. Something has happened. They made a mistake and are in jail. They can’t afford to pay the bail amount. They’ve contacted a bail bondsman, but their financial situation won’t make it possible for them to get the bail on their own. They need help and are desperate. This person is being asked to cosign for a bail bond. Responsibilities when cosigning on a bail bonds is something every person should know before they agree to it.

Bail Bond Indemnitors (AKA Cosigners)

When someone co-signs a bail bond, they will be designated at the indemnitor. A bail bondsman will be able to obtain the release of a criminal suspect because they promise the court the bond amount required by the court will be completely paid by them. When a person decides to co-sign for a bail bond, they need to understand the bail bondsman will get a fee for this service. It most cases, it is ten percent of the bail amount.

When a co-signer pays a bail bondmen their fee, they will have even more responsibilities. It’s also possible for a person to not qualify to cosign for a bond. When a person wants to cosign on a Tulsa bail bond, they must be a United States citizen, have a steady job, have maintained a residence in the same location for a specific amount of time and have an adequate credit rating.

Cosigner Responsibilities

When a person takes on the cosigner’s responsibility on a bail bonds, they agree to accept the full responsibility for the criminal suspect showing up for their court date. They are guaranteeing to the bail bondsmen the criminal suspect will be in court on the specified date at the specified time. A cosigner is also responsible for the suspect appearing during all of the court’s proceedings. A final disposition must be reached in the case before the bond is exonerated (all parties are relieved of their liability regarding appearances). This could involve the charges against the criminal suspect being dropped or their sentence being deferred. The suspect could also receive a fine from the court or be sent to jail or both.

Tangible Property for Collateral

In some cases, a bail bond cosigner in Oklahoma could provide tangible property to the bail bondsmen for the bail. This could include cash, cars, jewelry, homes and more. When this is done, a bail bondsman is certain to get back the money they’ve provided to the court to secure the bond. Should the criminal suspect not make it to court on their assigned date and can’t be located, the cosigner will have two options. They can pay the entire bond amount or surrender the tangible property pledged to secure the bail plus and balance remaining.

It is very rare that Signature Bail Bonds requires property to secure a bond. We try to always keep thing simple. Most often, a family member cosigning on a bail bond is sufficient. Contact one of our Oklahoma Bail Agents to learn more.

Options When Cosigning on a Bail Bond

Once a person is a bail bond cosigner in Oklahoma, there are certain options they have regarding the bond. They can ask for stipulations be associated with them co-signing. This could be the suspect to agreeing to enter a drug treatment program. They could also request the suspect have a mental health evaluation and more. It’s good to have someone in your corner that can answer questions and point you in the right direction. An experienced bondsman has certainly seen most situations. Should the criminal suspect flee, they can let the bail bondsmen know the suspect’s location. The bail bondmen can arrange for the criminal suspect to be picked up and sent back to jail.

Professional Oklahoma Bail Help

Nobody likes to see a close friend or a family member in jail. Many people are willing to offer their financial support to help those they care about in such a difficult situation. It’s important when a person is willing to cosign on a Tulsa bail bond that they know their responsibilities.

Contact Signature Bail Bonds of Tulsa, Sapulpa or Stillwater. They know how to assist a person who wants to help those they care about in a difficult situation.

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