After an arrest, bail is a constitutional right. However, with just cause, a judge has the authority to deny bail entirely. If the accused is a flight risk, then the judge may deny bail. In addition, some repeat offenders are denied. If the judge thinks that you are a threat to public safety, you will not be leaving the jail. And so, when crimes are severe in nature, the judge will often not set a bond amount. Finally, immigration services detain non-citizens who have been arrested. They are not eligible for bail.

Reasons the Judge May Deny Bail

Although citizens have a right to bail, there are public safety exceptions known as protective detentions. A judge may decide to deny bail for one or more of several reasons.

Flight Risk – If there is a history or likelihood that the accused may take advantage of bail as an opportunity to flee, the judge will not set a bond.

Repeat Offender – If an individual has multiple past offenses, the court could consider the person unreliable. As a result, the judge may deny bail.

Threat to the Public – A person that has been charged with a violent crime is likely to be considered a public safety threat. And so, they may be denied bond.

Severity of the Alleged Crime – Felony charges that involve crimes such as rape, murder, or sexual assault may cause the judge to deny bail due to the severe nature of the alleged offense.

Not a Citizen of the United States – Non-citizens do not have a constitutional right to bail.

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website has more information on detaining non-US citizens.

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