I’ve Bonded Someone Out. Can I Revoke the Bond?

You bonded out a friend or family member but now you have serious doubts. Perhaps you have doubts that the defendant will show up for their appearances or you have even seen evidence that they are violating the terms of their bail or planning to flee. Bond revocation is possible, but only under specific circumstances.

Cosigner Responsibilities and Rights
As a co-signer on a bail bond, your cosigner responsibilities include financial responsibility for the bail amount if the defendant doesn’t make court appearances. You have both the authority and duty to ensure the defendant makes all appearances and fulfills other bond requirements. You also have the right to request stipulations to the contract before signing, such as requiring the defendant to attend counseling.

When Is Bond Revocation Possible?
As a co-signer, there are some cases in which you can revoke the bond. You can speak with the bail bondsman at any time and withdraw bail if you have reason to believe your bail is threatened due to the actions of the defendant through their illegal actions. You can also cancel the bond if the defendant refuses to go to a court appearance or flees.

Here are some examples of times in which you may feel the defendant’s actions are threatening your bail:

  • You find out the defendant has plans to flee
  • The defendant tells you they won’t go to a hearing
  • You can’t find the defendant
  • You discover the dependent drinking or using drugs
  • You believe the defendant has committed a crime
  • You know the defendant left the court’s jurisdiction without permission

Remember that you are still responsible for the bond amount until the defendant is picked up and returned to jail.

Recommitment of Defendant
A bail bondsman can also cancel a bond if the defendant does not fulfill their end of the agreement. This is referred to as recommitment of defendant and it can happen before there is any breach. A bail bondsman has the right to surrender the defendant, or the defendant can surrender himself. A bail bond agency can surrender a defendant and not have to pay the bond amount if the defendant:

  • Changes their address without notifying the bondsman
  • Hiding
  • Leaves the court’s jurisdiction without permission
  • Does not pay the premium
  • Violates any terms of the contract that may impact the bondsman or surety
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