Currently, making an appearance bond with the tribal court presents a few challenges. Typically, bail bond paperwork is completed entirely by the jail staff. However, most tribal bonds require quite a bit more work and travel. Nearly all tribal holds for defendants in the Tulsa County jail are by the Muskogee Creek Nation District Court. This tribal court system is located in Okmulgee, OK. All tribal bonds must be presented in person to a clerk during normal courthouse hours.

For Tribal Bonds, Timing Is Everything

There a few hurdles that oftentimes make the tribal bonds process quite a bit slower than a local bond in Tulsa. Outlined below are a few of those obstacles:

  1. Bond Setting. First, we have to wait for a bond to be set. Typically, the tribal court will set bonds daily when the courthouse is staffed (Monday – Friday minus holidays). So if someone is arrested on a weekend or holiday, a bond will likely not be set until the next day the court is open.
  2. Signatures on Bond Paperwork. Hurdle number two is getting the bond signed. Generally, a bond amount is not set by the tribal court until late afternoon, around 3:00pm. Since all appearance bonds must be signed by the defendant before presenting to a court clerk, the defendant and family are often anxiously waiting for a bond amount to be set so that the bail bond paperwork process can begin.
  3. The Rush to Present the Bond. After the bond has been set and the bail bond paperwork is complete, the agent must make it to the tribal court BEFORE 4:30 while the courthouse is open to present the bond.

When timing isn’t just right, there can be a day or more added to the wait for the defendant and family. Signature Bail agents have learned to anticipate and overcome many of these timing challenges. If you or a loved one needs help with a tribal bond in Tulsa, we want to help. 

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