Tulsa Bail Bond Costs

One of the very first questions we get asked as bail bondsmen is, “how much is it going to cost to get someone out?” Finding the charges and bond amounts for inmates in Tulsa is relatively easy. Most charges and bond amounts are listed on the David L. Moss website, while others are available at the court clerks office. There are numerous charges that carry preset bond amounts so that people charged with crimes do not have to wait to see a judge to have bail set. In addition to the new McGirt ruling in Oklahoma, some inmates may not show up on the Tulsa County Jail website and we need to contact tribal court to get that information.

Tulsa County Jail Website

In the even that a person has multiple charges, they may have multiple bond amounts. We have seen cases recently where charges are listed as aggregate. Meaning, there is only one bond amount set for all of the charges combined. Some other cases may have a different bond amount for each charge. Regardless of the amounts, Signature Bail Bonds will work with you on getting the bond posted. That may mean putting a little money down and setting up a payment plan. Or, a cash discount for paying the bond amount in full. We have several options to make payment easy. You may check the Tulsa County Jail website here for information on a defendant.

When Do They Have Court?

This is always the next question after addressing the cost. Court date information is available on OSCN.net. You may also call the court clerks office for updated information. Things have changed recently with the addition of COVID and how court is processed. Some defendants are seeing cases get pushed back while others are doing video court. No matter the form of court you have, you want to be there to prevent the court from revoking your bond. Always know your next court date! If you don’t know it, you may also contact Signature Bail Bonds and an agent can check your date for you.

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