Execution Only (Tulsa Cash Only Bonds)

Often times, people arrested in Tulsa will have cash only bonds. Cash only and execution only bonds are the exact same thing. A bondsman cannot post CASH ONLY bonds. You can give the entire amount of the cash only to a family member or the bondsman to be posted on your behalf. Bondsman do not finance cash only bonds. You will have to work out a solution on your own. Luckily, we are here to help you find an answer. Although we can not make cash bond payments or collect a fee for a cash bond, we may be able to provide you with help solving a cash bond problem.

Types of Tulsa Cash Only Bonds

Cash only bonds are typically associated with outstanding failure to pay warrants such as failure to pay restitution, fines, court cost or child support. Since these bonds correlate with the aforementioned examples of defaulted payments, the court requires that the the entire balance be paid full before being released. Which means if they have $1,543.63 in cash only bonds the exact amount must be paid to the jail before the inmate can be released.

Sitting Out City of Tulsa Fines

Unless you have the entire amount of the cash bond available, the defendant will have to sit in jail until they are granted time served or released by a judge. When sitting our city fines at David L. Moss, an inmate can receive up to $25.00 a day towards fines, so they can ‘sit out’ their cash only fine. However, higher fines can take several weeks to sit out.

Making a New Arrangement to Pay Fines

When money is tight, there may be a way to be released from jail without paying the entire amount of the cash only bonds. While the defendant is in custody they will be giving a court date to appear. On this day, they can set up a payment arraignment with Aberdeen Collection Agency or the court clerk (depending on which entity is managing the account). Typically after the defendant sets up a new payment plan in court, their booking sheet for David L. Moss will read ‘153- Time pay/Work Days’ next to the charge under the disposition.

Out of County Holds for Failure to Pay

When a defendant is being held at David L Moss (Tulsa County Jail) with a HOLD for another jurisdiction for failure to pay fines, CALL THE OTHER JURISDICTION IMMEDIATELY. Sometimes, the other county or court system will accept payment prior to the defendant being transported. If the warrant is cleared with a payemnt or satisfactory arrangement, the hold may be released.

If You Owe It… PAY IT!

Please note if you or the defendant makes a payment arrangement it is paramount that you maintain the agreement that was made. Failure to do so will result in another warrant issued for the defendants arrest. For additional questions on cash only, surety bail or anything else bail related call us (918) 744-6688

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