Tulsa County Warrant Checks

When you have a warrant issued for your arrest, you may be worried about what to do and what it means. It can be very stressful. More often than not people do not even know they have warrants. This is because the county does not send out notifications saying, “hey you have an arrest warrant.” So finding out there is one in your name comes as quite a shock. However, it is nothing that cannot be fixed. There are ways to do perform Tulsa county warrant checks, and see if you have one.

How Do I Know If I Have A Warrant?

There are several valuable resources in the state of Oklahoma that can be used to check records. Two of the most popular are oscn.net and odcr.com. These court resources will pull up case information and are useful for keeping track of court dates, as well as seeing any previous history you might have. This is not just for criminal court cases but family and domestic, small claims, and more. They will also show in the court minutes if there is a warrant.
Another great way to check is on the City Of Tulsa website. Or the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office also has a site you can use.

Contact A Tulsa County Bondsman

If you have recently discovered that there is an arrest warrant for you or a loved one, call the professionals at Signature Bail Bonds. We can help you clear a warrant through a walkthrough process. In some cases like bench warrants, we may be able to help you clear this up at the courthouse without ever having to go through the jail. We can get a recall, set a court date, and have you on your way in no time. When you are ready to get started, send us a message or call our office at 918-592-5400 and we will happy to help!
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