How To Surrender If You Have A Warrant

There are a lot of people walking around in the world with outstanding warrants for their arrests. There are many reasons why a court will issue an arrest warrant. Some of the most common reasons include missed court dates, unpaid fines and probation violations. In many cases, a person is aware that he has an outstanding arrest order but simply finds it convenient to ignore the matter and hope for the best. While this may seem like a good gamble in the short term, in the long run it is not because eventually everyone gets caught. It is usually much wiser to surrender yourself to the police.

One Way To Take Care Of It

One way to turn yourself in because of an arrest warrant is to contact an attorney and have him arrange for your surrender to the police or to the court. Usually, this gives the attorney a chance to come to a pre-arranged bail agreement so that you can secure a bail bond ahead of time. This will greatly reduce the time that you have to spend behind bars after booking.

If you can’t afford to hire a lawyer, you can always turn yourself in to the nearest police station, sheriff’s office or state police station. In this case, after booking, you will be brought before a judge and another bail will be set. After you post your bond, you will be free to leave.

A Better Way

If your warrant has a preset bond amount you may do a “walk through” or book-in/book-out. Signature Bail Bonds can arrange a bond for you with a court date before you ever go to jail. You will come in with your cosigner and prepare all the necessary paperwork out one of our offices. From there, we will walk you through the booking process without you ever seeing a jail cell. If you only have a bench warrant, we can get your warrant recalled at the court house.

Why Should I Turn Myself In?

Although no one wants to voluntarily go to jail, there a several really good reasons why you may want to if there is a court order for your arrest. First off, you will have some control over the process because you get to decide when to do it. The alternative is to wait until some unexpected police encounter leads to your sudden arrest. Also, the courts will look favorably upon the fact that you took responsibility and are ready to face the consequences for your actions. Your surrender may also make the court more lenient regarding your new bail requirements.

We understand that this can be a stressful event. Call Signature Bail Bonds to simplify the process and let us help. We are always available at 918-592-5400.

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