When money is short, it’s good to know a bail bond company that offers zero down bail bonds.

How Bail Works in Tulsa

Unless you have quick access to cash or cash equivalent to pay the full bail amount upfront or are wiling to risk your property in a property bond, a bail bond is likely the only route practically available to you get yourself or your loved one out of jail fast.

Bail amounts are set purposefully high to discourage people from fleeing justice. This has the effect of making bail unaffordable to some.  Bail bonds allow you to pay only a percentage f the total bond to a bail bondsman as a premium. However, the premium is nonrefundable. This is how bail bonds agents make their living and how they offset their risk.

What If I Can’t Pay the Full Premium Upfront?

Even the 10 percent premium can be high on larger bonds. Consequently, Signature Bail Bonds offers affordable bail bond financing with realistic payment plans.

Signature Bail Bonds offers zero down bail bonds to those with qualifying credit and low down payment bail bonds to those with good if imperfect credit. We also offer no and low collateral bail bonds. And when we do need collateral for a bail bond, we accept multiple forms instead of just real estate.

At Signature Bail Bonds, we understand that an arrest is an unexpected.  Often times, many are caught financially unprepared to pay bail. Sometimes, even a percentage of the premium is not readily available. We always work with you. This ensures you can find a way to afford the bail bond you need.

We can arrange your bail bond in only minutes. For instance, we can meet you at the jail, our office, your home, work or anywhere you like to discuss the bail bond terms. Sometimes we can even arrange your bond over the phone. We work with you both in regard to financing and all logistical and privacy concerns to end the trial that began with the recent arrest.

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